Changeling: The No Title Game


After escaping Arcadia and the hedge, Lori and Tim arrived in Seattle, overwhelmed by the newness of the city, having been away for several if not thousands of years. Tim is unable to remember where he was from while Lori is a Celt from the times of blue woad and myths. Tim was able to secure a very good paper-trail quickly while Lori was able to secure them job at the bar right by where they escaped with the strangely mysterious man named Malcolm. After several years of strange meetings with well-dressed men, one evening things went awry when the men tried to exit from the employees only door, they were ‘persuaded’ by Tim to leave through the front door as always while Lori checked upon a now-drugged Malcolm. Helping Malcolm to the back door to check on the whereabouts of the strangers, they found he could see the hedge quite clearly. He shut down the club early and made a phone call to someone who arrived shortly, calling herself Mrs. Thompson and her chauffeur Thomas. She seemed drenched in wealth and beauty, the only color to her being the redness of her lips.



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